My name is Daphne. Recently, I decided to diversify my jellyfish blog and add other invertebrates of the sea (octopus, starfish, sponges, cuttlefish, urchins, etc). You can find all the different types in my TAGS page. This is a queued animal blog. None of the photography is mine, unless stated otherwise. Send your requests to my ask, or just leave a question. Enjoy your stay.
Here is my Personal Blog.
  • The life span and maximum size varies by jelly species. Jellyfish held in public aquariums are carefully tended, fed daily even when food might be seasonally rare in the wild, and sometimes treated with antibiotics if they develop infections, so may live several years, though this would be very unusual in the sea. Most large coastal jellyfish live 2 to 6 months, during which they grow from a millimeter or two to many centimeters in diameter. Photo #53 by Donnie Nunley

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